Application Process

Prospect Street Writers House welcomes applications from writers of all genres, backgrounds, identities, aesthetic perspectives, and at all stages of their careers.

The Process Itself

Fill out the appropriate application form on and upload a manuscript and a brief letter of interest, i.e., what you’re working on; why a residency; why Prospect Street, along with a nonrefundable application fee of $30. There are no deadlines; applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. We recommend applications be submitted at least ten weeks before the requested start date. Applicants will be notified within six weeks of their submission date. Contact Gary Clark with any questions, including scheduling, financial aid, and the residency itself. 


We request a manuscript so we can get to know you and your writing a little better. Upload your manuscript as a PDF set in a common font, such as 12-point Times New Roman. Prose and play/screen writers – 15 pages (double spaced). Poets – 9-12 pages as one PDF with one poem per page (single spaced). Translators – submit the original text and its English translation, but do not exceed 15 pages. Your name should not appear anywhere on the manuscript.

Review Panel

A panel of peers reviews each manuscript, not to make an acceptance judgment but to familiarize the Director with your work.

Length of Stay

Prospect Street offers single-week, two-week, and ten-day residencies during seven months of the year. In order of preference, select two start dates. 


During February, March, and April, the Writers House is available for customizable residencies, e.g., retreats, group meetings, workshops, or reunions. You and two or three friends can book a suite for three to five nights at the nightly rate. To book a retreat, a group leader should first reach out to us at to confirm the dates. Each group member would then submit an individual application, including the names of the others in the group. 


Residency Fees

The two-week residency fee is $2,250; if requested, acceptance includes a grant of up to $500. The one-week residency fee is $1,300;  if requested, acceptance includes a grant of up to $250.  Writers in a position to contribute the full cost of a residency are encouraged to do so and thanked in advance. They will be supporting Prospect Street’s commitment to communities that have historically had less access to writing retreats and spaces.

Financial Aid

PSWH is committed to making the residency financially accessible. If assistance in addition to the acceptance grants is needed, a request for supplemental financial aid may be submitted. Assistance is also available to BIPOC writers through a dedicated fund.  We do not assume all BIPOC writers want or need financial support, but for those who do, this assistance is there. Follow the “Supplemental Financial Aid” instructions on the application.


A deposit of $250 is due upon acceptance; this deposit is nonrefundable but can be applied to a rescheduled PSWH residency within one year of the original start date. The fee balance must be received four weeks prior to the residency start date.

Arrival Sunday Departure Fri/Sat Duration
January 1 to January 3 CLOSED
January 4 (thu) to January 13 ten days
January 14 to January 20 one week
January 21 to January 27 one week
January 28 to February 3 one week
February 4 to February 11 CLOSED
February 12 to May 4 RETREATS
May 5 to May 11 one week
May 12 to May 24 two weeks
May 26 to June 1 one week
June 2 to June 14 two weeks
June 16 to June 22 CLOSED
June 23 to June 29 one week
June 30 to July 6 one week
July 7 to July 19 two weeks
July 21 to July 28 one week
July 28 to September 2 RETREATS
September 3 to September 21 CLOSED
September 22 to September 28 one week
September 29 to October 11 two weeks
October 13 to October 25 two weeks
October 26 to November 2 CLOSED
November 3 to November 9 one week
November 10 to November 16 one week
November 17 to December 31 CLOSED
Arrival Sunday Departure Fri/Sat Duration
January 1 to January 7 CLOSED
January 8 to January 14 one week
January 15 to January 27 two week
January 29 to February 4 one week
February 5 to April 1 CLOSED
April 2 to April 8 one week
April 9 to April 21 two week
April 23 to April 29 one week
April 30 to May 6 CLOSED
May 7 to May 19 two week
May 21 to May 27 one week
May 28 to June 3 CLOSED
June 4 to June 16 two week
June 18 to June 24 one week
June 25 to July 7 two week
July 9 to July 15 one week
July 16 to July 28 two week
July 29 to August 5 CLOSED
August 6 to August 12 one week
August 13 to August 25 two week
August 27 to September 2 one week
September 3 to September 16 CLOSED
September 17 to September 23 one week
September 24 to September 30 one week
October 1 to October 13 two week
October 15 to October 27 two week
October 28 to November 4 CLOSED
November 5 to November 11 one week
November 12 to November 18 one week
November 19 to December 31 CLOSED