Community Guidelines

To maintain a relaxed and productive atmosphere, the House has established the following Community Life guidelines.


All residents, staff, and guests must be vaccinated and boosted. We ask you to take sensible precautions for several weeks prior to minimize your exposure. Our experience has been that commonsense carries the day. We also ask for a picture of a negative COVID test 36 hours prior to arrival. In-house COVID tests are available.


Each resident receives the key code for the main entrance. Individual room keys are available.

Quiet and Social Hours

During the hours of 9am to 5pm every day, and 10pm to 7am every night, the house is quiet. There are as many places in Prospect Street for casual conversations as there are places to read or write. This is not a monastery; there is sure to be modest hubbub in the common areas at most times, certainly at lunchtime. Evening readings or other optional organized gatherings are often available at the College.

WiFi and Printer

Dedicated WiFi is available throughout Prospect Street. A public printer can be found in the Donald Hall.

Dinner and Personal Food

A sit-down house dinner is served weeknights between 6:00 and 6:30pm, and on arrival Sundays. Each resident should supply any dietary preferences, allergies, or restrictions prior to arrival and an effort will be made to accommodate them.

Residents are on their own for breakfast and lunch. These meals can be stored and prepared in the suite kitchenettes which provide a mini-fridge, sink, toaster oven, hot plate, coffee maker, and teapot. All personal food must be removed from the suites upon departure.


The house kitchen is closed overnight from 9pm to 7:30am. No resident may use the stove, appliances, or kitchen space during this time.


Simple housekeeping services and fresh linens & towels are available.

Alcohol & Smoking

Responsible alcohol and cannabis use is permitted. No smoking, incense, or open flame of any kind is permitted within Prospect Street. Smokers may use the smoking porch or the house grounds. Please don’t smoke in front of the main entrance or on the front porch.

Guests & Pets & Weapons

Overnight guests are not permitted. With the exception of licensed service animals, pets are not permitted within or on the grounds of PSWH. Weapons of any sort are not permitted.


Prospect Street reserves to right to dismiss without refund any resident who will not abide by the Community Life guidelines.